Saturday, July 30, 2011

Two years and one more kid later.

Well I have decided to give this a go once more. I guess there is always something to be said and really the events and happenings are pretty entertaining in my life.... so share it right? Right.

What has held me back from starting this whole blogging thing again is really the recap. Why? Backtrack events talk about exhausting! I want to relive the past two years as much as I want to organize my closet. I know it would be nice if it were done but really I am just going to close that closet door and forget about the clutter. I am sure there will be many visits to the chaos but for now I am not going to get my label gun out and start filing away emotional baggage in alphabetical order.

Don't get confused, the past two years have been eventful in highs along with lows. Lets begin this with a high. We added Estelle with my last postings. I read back and for some reason feel disconnected with the author...uh me. Yeah that is probably why it didn't continue. I didn't know how to express myself as myself. It was like telling a story. Not at all living a life and sharing it. So to get back on track, we had an amazing addition that March 31 st. We moved back to our home in Battle Ground. (One could say my blog died when I died moving out of the city I love so much but that is really just me whining) It was nice to be back in my home. It really makes a difference to have creative freedom. I went to town on Estelle's room. It feels like home and I love it. This is where my girls will grow up.
Until we move again. We moved to Ruston WA for hopes of a better life and advancement with the company that my hubs was slaving away at. Oh and we had another girl on the way. Yes we have added the last and final girl to the Bettineski's. No boys. Never will be this uterus is closed for business. I may do side work but nothing will stick as my tubes are tied. Three is good. It is what we wanted. Ruston wasn't however. The location, the job, the down word spiral into regret and time you can't get back was like getting kicked by the kids in TJ trying to sell you Chicklets. The difference this time you can't cave to the cute little shits keying your car when you don't want any candy.... caving in isn't an option. Moving back to Battle Ground really was the right option for us. The next couple of months of my husbands X company can testify to that. Oh wait they actually can't because they are no longer in business.
Well we all move on one way or another right? We are home. We have three amazing kids. They drive me nuts but man my life is nothing short but entertaining and full of absolute love. I have an amazing husband who really I would be lost without. I don't think he even knows that I still get school girl butterflys around him. He makes me melt. Just like every other marriage out there it isn't perfect and I wouldn't want a perfect marriage. I like a little turbulence every now and then. It encourages conversations that are needed to keep things healthy. In check. And well I love the honeymooner high you get when you realize it is all the way it should be and that drinking wine every night and stalking people of your past on facebook isn't going to make you feel better about what you don't have. Not saying that is what I do.... but people do that. Wine at night yes but Today -Reality- I love it. I would rather have that than I wish I coulda's any day.
So to end this post I will fill in the blanks of the past here and there but really just keep the reality of today. Yup. And away we go!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This is a picture of Olivia about 7 weeks old.
This is a picture of Estelle 7 weeks old, I think they look so much alike!
Sherry and Lo at the zoo last week!

Estelle on Memorial Day!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Month in Seattle!!

Well our time is going fast here! I am getting ready to pack up a house again, and unpack a house again! I am ready to stay in one spot longer than a year. I wish that one spot could be here in Seattle, but so life goes! At least we will be back in our home, which has had a major face lift! Tony has been working on the house every weekend for the past five weeks. His step dad and dad have helped do some of the work too, and we are lucky that they know what they are doing......I would be scared of Tony doing everything on his own!
As for the rest of they house, Sherry, Kevin and Jason scored this amazing condo on Greenwood! Their new place is almost as big as our house in Battleground!! I am a bit envious! The location is great and their new home is ideal, you really cant find place like this at an affordable price in Seattle!
I will miss all the fun places to go when the sun is out here in Seattle! We have gotten to go to Golden Gardens in Ballard lately. I love to watch Olivia run on the beach! She has so much energy! Yesterday when we went, the tide was out so there was lots of living things for her and Carly to look at. Julie was of course the one to pick up Olivia when she saw something like jelly fish! I was so confident there wouldn't be any jelly fish, but there were! Along with eels! Eels! I am not a fan of slimy long worm like creatures from the sea! Anything worm like is horrifying for me! At least the girls had a good time exploring!
I will have to have Tony take pictures of the progress on our home to post this weekend. I have just figured out how to down load pictures on to the computer! I have had pictures just multiplying on my camera since we brought Estelle home from the hospital! I am just not technically savvy, nor do I aim to be, but there are some things I am going to have to start doing on my own so I can continue to take pictures!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do new borns always sleep this much?

Estelle Madeline Bettineski was born March 31st 2009. She weighed 6 lbs 8oz and was 18 inches long. She looks like a mini Olivia. She is so little, I have forgotten what it was like to have something so fragile in the house. Estelle is very easy. She sleeps most of the day away! I remember thinking that Lo slept a lot when we brought her home too, but this kid will sleep through eating and pooping! She will sleep through taking a bath, changing her diapers and when I change her clothes! She doesn't mind noise, which is good because I can't do much to control the noise in this house! Olivia had some mixed feelings about her when she met her. At the hospital Olivia took my dads hand and said "Hey grandpa you have to come see my new baby sister!" and it was soooo cute! My dad loved it! Olivia loves to give her kisses, and to help me out with changing diapers. Olivia still gets into Estelle's clothes, I can' keep anything organized for very long with Lo around! It has been a change, but an easy one. Everyone here has been such a help. Julie wouldn't hold the baby for the first few days, she thought Estelle was too little! Now she is a pro! I do get use to the help too much. I had to put both kids in the car and take Julie to some classes yesterday and I was happy that I did it my self! I know that sounds silly, but when you have people around to grab a kid or even if they just grab your purse it helps. We will be moving back to our house in Battleground soon, and I will have to be super mom, so I need to start getting comfortable with it now! Well here are some pictures, and I will try to keep posting new ones as often as I can!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So close...too close, yet not close enough!!!!

I only have five more days until we bring home little Estelle! Well I guess today is pretty close to being done. I feel ready, yet I don't mind staying pregnant longer. I am tired of work! I am lucky enough to take off an extra day this week. I now only have two more days of work left, then it will only be three more days until we go to the hospital! Time gets shorter and shorter when I break up my days. Lo seems to getting more excited as time gets closer, I hope this excitement stays after Estelle is here. We have so many people around to keep her busy. Her cousins are coming up on Monday with her Grandma Ann and Pa Russ. I know she is looking forward to seeing them! We went on a walk today and she was collecting all sorts of things for the boys. Sticks, flowers and rocks are some of the best gifts...right? Olivia still gets into Estelle's things. She pulls out little pants and says "oh this is soooo cute mom!" then she tries to put them on her arms. She doesn't understand that Estelle has her own burpies. She thinks they are all hers and I am finding them in her bed stuffed under her pillow. I told her we were going to put her name on her burpies, and Estelle's name on Estelle's burpies and Olivia started crying..."I don't want my name on it"! We will have to see what happens!
Julie took some pictures of my belly the other day and they turned out really good! We tried to get Olivia involved, but she is just a busy girl. I will have to put them up as soon as I can! Anywho, I should get going! I am being summoned for a tea party with sour cream!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

My second weekend with out Tony or Lo!

So Tony took Olivia to see her grandparents in Vancouver last weekend, and now they are down there again this weekend. I feel so weird not having them home. No little one bursting into my room first thing in the morning, saying "I'm hungry, lets watch a movie". I don't like having my room to myself either. Well kinds myself if you don't count the kid in my belly. I revert into a kid again, where I turn out the lights and run and jump into bed putting the covers over my head! I know silly, but my husband keeps the monsters and ghosts away with his snoring! Now I am alone and defenseless in my own fears that most shed as they get older!!!
I am surviving, I just can't wait until they come home! I have a busy weekend anyways, and shopping with Olivia isn't the easiest! Sherry and Julie are throwing a baby shower tomorrow and we have lots to do to get ready. I will have to post pictures of our progress and the event! It isn't a traditional baby shower, as I am not the traditional type!
So another reason for Tony going to Vancouver was to check on our house. We have renters there, and they recently informed us they wish to break the lease and move at the end of March. This was extremely stressful to the both of us! Their lease is until the end of June, and we really aren't in the position to try and turn the house over and rent it out again in a month. In the same month we are expecting another baby and have lots to accomplish at our home now! My new baby doesn't have a place to even sleep yet! Her things are still in bags! And working until the day before you have your baby is a joke as far as I am concerned! Short term leave laws need to be re-evaluated! So anywho, we will see what happens! I better get going, or I am not going to the printed out bullet point list of things to accomplish made by Sherry!!!!